Posted by: dayhikemoms | May 2, 2008

Hiking Soon

Greetings everyone in this never-ending winter this year.. It is May and it feels as though we have entered into the ice age. What is going on? Does this mean our short summer will be fantastically warm and glorious?! i hope so…

I have gotten many inquires about this site and when I am going to schedule and post another hike. Well.. part of me is holding out for some warmer weather. The last hike we went on in April [although a clear day] was terribly cold and honestly…. 9 months of winter is long enough for me to handle. I am burnt out with the cold.

I am planning on scheduling two hikes this month of May… one in the morning hours and one in the afternoon hours. I am thinking about the 11th and 18th of May. I started working again and I am in graduate school so scheduling is not as easy as last year…. but with the amount of inquires I am getting I would like to schedule a hike at least once a month during the summer months. As always I am open to suggestions! And please if there are any moms who would like to set up and lead a hike I would be happy to post it here and help you out with anything. Just contact me!

Our family plan this summer is to spend 3 weekends a month camping and hiking as far away from crowds of people as possible. I will post our trips on this site for those of you who would like to know about some awesome [and not so awesome] places to go.

I look forward to hiking with all of you at some point this summer.

Enjoy Enjoy this spring & summer!

many blessings,



  1. I am actually from Colorado and my family and I are looking into planning a trip to Portland but we are not really sure where the best camping/hiking places would be. I ran into your info through google and was wondering if you have any suggestions? Our children are all three under 4 yrs of age right now.

    Your hikes sound wonderful!

    Thank you,

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