Posted by: dayhikemoms | July 3, 2007

Pansy Lake Trail

This weekend my husband, daughter and I drove out to the “Bull of the Woods Wilderness” Hiked and Camped the Pansey Lake Trail.

Actually we hiked in the long way I think it was called “Bull of the Woods Trail” about 3 miles at the top hiking down into Pansy Lake. WOW I am speechless! The hike was beautiful – breaktaking! Everything you hope for in a Hike! Starting at the top, the views were amazing. I could of just kept hiking for days!  My daughter was a trooper – she loved every moment of the 3 mile hike! She is getting so good at this for being only 3 years old. We are so proud of her.

There is a shorter trail “Pansy Lake Trail”.. 1 mile into the lake. We took this way out! We did not want to push our daughter by making her hike 3 miles mostly up hill back to the car. So my husband hiked out the 3 miles, drove to the 1 mile trail and hiked back to our camp.

I advise everyone to take this hike and go camping at this lake. So much serenity… so much beauty, lush, wilderness… there was only one other family camping there and their camp was not near us.. a few day hikers coming in and out. Great Weather!!

There were lots of mosquitos — we used (against our usual beliefs) – Woods Off Deet and thank goodness we did or we would of gotten eaten alive! besides the few mosquitos nipping at us — it was more than worth every moment! I am told that August and September are better camping months because there are less mosquito’s.

why do i live in the city?



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