Posted by: dayhikemoms | June 28, 2007

Last Hike: Beacon Rock Hike

Yesterday was a beautiful easy, quick hike. A mile and half straight up and back down with switch backs. Railing the whole way to hang on to if needed. We had fun!

However, what I did not realize was that the book I used to schedule this hike did not clarify the information (or I misread the information which is possible). The actual Beacon rock trail is not a water fall hike. The Pools of Winds trail is a separate trail across Hy 14 near the campground. In the Kids hike book I used to schedule this hike they combined the hikes – i assumed they were trails that ran into each other.

All in all – we had a short beautiful hike.. and although i did consider heading over to the Pools of Wind trail I did not want to push my daughter to do another hike.. and the other children seemed as though it was nap time.

So we missed the water falls (bummer!) but we had a amazing view of the gorge!



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