Posted by: dayhikemoms | May 31, 2007

Afterwards… Hike #1

Well the hike was successful at WildWood trail. Slightly confusing with so many other trails that veered off the 3.6 mile trail we were hiking on — but we did it. Thanks to Tammy and Jennifer we all just worked together at the children’s paces and made it through the hike. We stopped near the Japaneses Gardens on a grassy area and had lunch letting the kids rest.

I learned some things on this trail:

My daughter is a hiking warrior when her dad is around; however with me she pushes buttons and it is more difficult to keep moving her forward. BUT She did good on the trail and I am proud of her! (She actually does amazing when she hikes with me and her dad.) The other children were in hiking packs being carried so she wanted me to carry her most of the time (she is a 3 year old 40 pound child – that is not happening), so there were struggles between she and I, which at times made the hike frustrating for me. Future hikes will be great for her if more children her age came along.

The element of surprise is going to happen on some of these hikes – be prepared, patient, and have the open minds that we are out doors in nature- a crying child is ok – nothing will go exactly as planned!
Just because I do not know the trail (some of these trails are new to me), others moms are nice enough not to have high expectations in my abilities of the trail. On the weekends when we go hiking with my daughter, daddy is the lead and all I have to do is follow and enjoy myself. Without my husband, I am lead, (suppose to be?) knowledgeable one, and mother to a three year old – UGH! can be a difficult task.

Always expect there maybe a steep uphill climb.

I started this group just to get out of the house with my daughter and into nature, meet other moms, and enjoy the summer. If any moms come on the trail and happen to DO know the trail , or would like to lead, be map warrior — please I invite you to let us follow you! I am up for the thought that we are out together helping each other!

Otherwise please bare with me, we will be going at the kids pace, and enjoying nature without the headache. If we don’t happen to make the whole trail — that is ok! The goal is to be in nature and have fun with our kids!

Thanks to Tammy and Jennifer – as I was feeling frustrated with my daughter – they laughed and lead the way! If was fun – thanks for joining me and I hope to see you both on another trail soon.

If there are any moms who would like to set up a hiking trip on a day that is not scheduled — please let me know. I can post it (once you can schedule it) just because I most likely won’t to be able to make it doesn’t mean you can’t be there — you don’t need me there. Everyone who would like to make it to your scheduled day hike can sign up via the site.


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