Posted by: dayhikemoms | May 26, 2007

Day Hikes

Greetings to all!

If anyone has any information on any day hikes I post PLEASE feel free to comment. I have not explored every single day hike I am scheduling. So if there is information that would be helpful to mom and their kids (to all of us) please let us know.

Also, I have recieved many inquires about this group – I am so excited! I do hope many of you sign up. If you know of a great hike please post a comment on it. If there is a date and time you would like to schedule a Day Hike please post a comment and e-mail me — I will schedule it in and discuss it with you.

I also found this dad hiking group here in Portland at the following site if anyone is interested:
They welcome everyone also! At this time I have no more information about the group .. I am going to contact them and just network with them. If anyone has been on a hike with them please post a comment to this post and let us know.

I will be updating this site, the hikes, info on the trails this weekend (by monday)– please check back in a couple of days for more detailed information on the hikes posted.

Enjoy the beginning days of Portland summer!


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