Posted by: dayhikemoms | May 21, 2007

Hello Moms!

Join other moms and their kids for 2 to 5 mile hikes,

through out the summer,

and explore Portland and Surrounding outdoor areas!

Visit each Category Date for the scheduled hike – for that particular day – times, directions, ride share, and ALL information needed to bring your child(ren) on a fabulous day hike with other moms!!!

Am I missing information that is NEEDED?! Please let me know. I try to have All the hike information, directions updated correctly 7 days before the hike. But I am only human and I am sure I will make mistakes or forget something, so please… just let me know and I will fix it, add it, change it, as soon as possible!

Click here for Contact Page

Click here for About Page

ALL AGES WELCOME! REMEMBER, You are responsible for your children!

IF you have children that are 3 years or younger I suggest a Back Pack Carrier to carry them in as you Hike. If you have any questions please contact me.


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