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I have been working full time and taking classes this past year. The times I have been able to go backpacking with my husband or hiking with my husband & daughter have been wonderful experinces. We are hoping to have more time this upcoming spring and summer. I am no longer doing day hike moms, however, I have just noticed the amounts of hits I get to this website.

My idea with this blog last year was to write blurbs about the hiking / backpacking I did with my family. However, I never found the time to write. This year I am going to make time to write about all the amazing places  to hike with your family from my point of view.

If for any reason you are looking for other moms to hike with, anyone is more than welcome to contact me and I can create a post for moms to meet up.

Stay tuned….

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unfortunatly I can only longer do any day hikes this summer as I did last summer…

enjoy your summer .. and if you would like to form your own day hike group let me know and I can pass on the word to other moms who have contacted me.


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Tualatin Hills Nature Park

Day Hike Moms … Come join us for a late morning Hike on Tuesday May 27th.

I may not be able to make this hike… however, my fellow hiking mom Betty is setting up this hike and will be joining all the moms and kids on this hike. We have not done this hike yet, so it will be an exploration for us all!

Please join her, other moms, and their kids on what will be a great time outdoors.

If you need more information or have any questions please contact me or post a comment below.

Tualatin Hills Nature Park and Interpretive Center

Where: 15655 SW Millikan Way, Beaverton. Look for signs on SW Tualatin Valley Highway, west of Murray Boulevard.

Time: Meet at 10:30am

Highlights: Paved and soft-surface trails; century-old forest; variety of wildlife and natural habitats; year-round recreation and environmental programs for kids and adults; interpretive center with exhibits, library and bookstore; annual native plant sales; Earth Day Celebration; Bug Fest; New Day

Prohibited: Skateboards, pets, smoking and camping

Admission: Free

Information: (503) 629-6350 or

We always like to know ahead of time who will be joining the hike… so if possible please contact me or post a comment if you want to join in on the fresh air and fun!

Please remember to bring enough water and food for you and your child(ren). You are responsible for your child(ren), but we are all here to help each other.

Winter is over.. lets get outside and enjoy the Spring!

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Hiking Soon

Greetings everyone in this never-ending winter this year.. It is May and it feels as though we have entered into the ice age. What is going on? Does this mean our short summer will be fantastically warm and glorious?! i hope so…

I have gotten many inquires about this site and when I am going to schedule and post another hike. Well.. part of me is holding out for some warmer weather. The last hike we went on in April [although a clear day] was terribly cold and honestly…. 9 months of winter is long enough for me to handle. I am burnt out with the cold.

I am planning on scheduling two hikes this month of May… one in the morning hours and one in the afternoon hours. I am thinking about the 11th and 18th of May. I started working again and I am in graduate school so scheduling is not as easy as last year…. but with the amount of inquires I am getting I would like to schedule a hike at least once a month during the summer months. As always I am open to suggestions! And please if there are any moms who would like to set up and lead a hike I would be happy to post it here and help you out with anything. Just contact me!

Our family plan this summer is to spend 3 weekends a month camping and hiking as far away from crowds of people as possible. I will post our trips on this site for those of you who would like to know about some awesome [and not so awesome] places to go.

I look forward to hiking with all of you at some point this summer.

Enjoy Enjoy this spring & summer!

many blessings,

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Weather in Portland

I am hoping to schedule a hike near the end of April when the weather mellows out some. I prefer to hike in the morning hours and they seem to be the coldest right now… but then the afternoon has been filled with rain and hail lately.

Just keep checking back for a hike TBA and scheduled… please comment and suggest a hike if you are interested. Now that I am working part time again Tuesdays are the best day to schedule a hike with moms and kids.

IF anyone is interested in scheduling a hike on a different day please let me know.. i will post it and get you in touch with all the other moms who have showed interest in hiking. I was thinking about sending out a mass mailing so other moms can meet up — this way no one has to rely on or wait for me to scheduling a hike .

Post a comment or send me an e-mail let me know what you think!

Also if you have any interest or are curious about your nightly dreams go to to take a dream survey and learn more about what your dreams are all about!

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LOCATION: TRYON STATE PARK tucked between Portland and Lake Oswego


Meet at the Store /Museum Entrance

Quiet paths and scenic footbridges highlight this densely forested canyon.


Bring Lunch or a snack. Bring water ENOUGH FOR YOU AND YOUR CHILD! We will hike at the pace of the children.

Check Weather. Wear comfortable (layer?) Clothes & shoes.

You are responsible for you child(ren). Please come prepared for this hike!

Please Contact me if you are going to join this hike… and for any questions or concerns

Sign up by contacting me or posting a comment below to this particular post.

If you need to cancel after you have signed up – please cancel 24 hours before hike via e-mail or posting a comment to this hike!

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waiting for spring…

Winter in Portland can be very dreary for me… I am counting the days down for spring and summer…

If any moms or dads are interested in getting together with the kids and do some hikes around Portland this winter please contact me!! I would love to get out with some others at least twice a month this winter.

Otherwise, I will post hikes again starting this spring ’08 … join us then!

Happy New Year!

Best to all…..


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Please click on the ABOUT page and CONTACT page and SCHEDULE page ABOVE to read all information on how to join us for some day hikes throughout the summer and fall!

Look forward to meeting and hiking with other moms!

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Great Outdoor Places to Take Kids

We have been doing a couple of amazing bike rides (with our child being towed along in a bike stroller) around Portland. I will be adding to this blog below each time I find a hidden gem that is worth telling parents and kids about! So keep checking back each week to this particular post/page.

Kelley Point Park – We road from Alberta Arts neighborhood to St Johns on Fourth of July. Perfect day to ride because the streets were empty. We rode through the Slough along N Marine Dr next to Portland harbor to Kelley Point Park. Great little beaches to swim. Than we rode the long way along N Lombard to downtown St. Johns. Than on the way back we rode on Willamette rd along the Willamette River through the University. What an amazing ride! the North area is a hidden gem in Portland – so many awesome parks and areas to enjoy in St Johns! (Pier Park is another awesome huge Park with so many old growth trees – a great park to take the kids!)

This past weekend we rode along Marine Dr. along the Columbia River (there is a great beach spot along this path) to the 205 Corridor Bike Path through Marywood Park to Mt. Tabor Park. Another beautiful bike ride. The bike stroller was the best purchase we ever made last year! Than we rode back through the city on bike paths/roads.

Yesterday we drove to Sauvie Island to Walton Beach. Big beach area, great place for swimming – the kids love it! Only there is so much litter on the beach – very surprised to see the amount of trash left on the beach. It is a “pack out what you pack in’ beach. Besides the litter everywhere, the water was pretty great. And the kids can play in the water without it being to deep to fast. Yet be careful there is a strong current not to far out.

Buck Lake – What an amazing lake! It is a great day at the lake. 1/2 EASY hike in – pack in a raft / tube / boat — beautiful lake. You can camp here at the lake (about 4 spots) . We were going to camp, however, it was a semi- nosy with people bringing in radios… so we decided not to camp (we prefer peace and quiet camping in nature)… BUT a great day at a lake with the kids is worth it! Not crowded at all. This is located in the Mt Hood Wilderness around Popular Timothy Lake. Buck lake is a perfect escape from populated lakes. Great water to swim and float around in!¬† Our 3 year old Daughter loved it and her papa was teaching her how to swim!

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Oaks Bottom



2.8 mile EASY loop. 100 feet elevation gain.

Meet at 10:00am in parking lot area.

Start Hike at 10:15am.

Directions: Drive south from Ross Island Bridge on Milwaukie Ave exit and immeditely pull into a paved parking area on the right (at the sign that says Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge.

Or you can get there by bus #19 Woodstock stops at trailhead.

This is a broad graveled trail – Sturdy Jogger strollers welcomed on this trail.

This trail is near Oaks Bottom Park!

Bring Lunch or a snack. Bring water! We will hike at the pace of the children.

Check Weather. Wear comfortable (layer?) Clothes & shoes.

You are responsible for you child(ren). Please come prepared for this hike!

Please Sign up for this hike at least 48 to 24 hours before the hike.

Sign up by contacting me or posting a comment below to this particular post.

If you need to cancel after you have signed up – please cancel 24 hours before hike via e-mail or posting a comment to this hike – or call me!

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